It is October. I cannot believe how fast this year was, and I’m going to be honest, I am not ready for 2017. Anyways, I have not blogged for the past 2 months and I am back. So to start out this blog post I am going to update you guys how the past 2 months was for me.

August: Nothing much happened in August well I had my birthday that month and my birthday sucked anyway so, yeah.

Got this sweet new iPhone SE for my birthday

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US Trip 2016

So we had to skip school for 2 weeks for this. I’d rate this trip a 50/50. I wish our stay was longer because I wanted to go to other places but there’s always a next time. America is still as beautiful as we left it in 2014. We didn’t get to go for the Halloween Horror Nights tho, I was looking forward to it. But nevermind we went there for a wedding not for vacation.

I gotta say tho the wedding was LIT FAAAAM🔥🔥🔥 Everything was so grand. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome (except for me) but I looked horrible. You can’t mix me and make up together it just doesn’t work.

Doesn’t this look like the canteen from Harry Potter?!

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July 2016

So I’ve been having a bad week month. Thank god it’s ending – new month, new beginning. I got slapped, lectured and I cried. And on top of that I have class tests to worry about. Today was pretty bad too. My friends were saying how annoying, weird I am and i’m sick and tired of hearing it. I mean why can’t they just accept who I am instead of trying to change me. The only person who feels the same way as me is ____. She may not give the best advice or sometimes does the same thing they do but at least I have someone who can relate to me and i’m grateful for her; cause she always listens to me (ok I was lying when I ‘always’ but at least she listens).

I don’t know how this week could get any worst *sighs*

They may not notice but I am trying to change; and every time I say i’m trying to change they would laugh at me. I don’t wanna say anything but to be honest it hurts my feelings sometimes because:

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Christ Unlimited #NATCON2016 #YFCSG

Yesterday was one of the best day of my life. I was before but now am found. Thank you Lord for saving me! No word can describe how I felt last or how I am feeling today. I am beyond grateful, I am beyond thankful. All the sharing and songs we sang really made an impact on me. It touched my heart. I don’t even know what to say; I’m speechless.

I wouldn’t trade anything for you Lord. I am grateful for you because you didn’t leave me when everyone else did, you accepted me for who I am, you gave me a loving family and friends and one most important thing that make me joyfully proclaim, ‘Praise God’ is that, you died for me. I wanted cry it all out but I didn’t. I stayed strong because I know that you are with me through every step of the way. Before #NATCON I was lost. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t know who to go to I didn’t dare to face you Lord. At that point of time I didn’t really had friends who truly understood me.

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i saw you walking with your ripped jeans and t-shirt.

we were both strangers, figuring out what life could hold,

but we didn’t figure out what our heart could.

i could’ve chose anybody but i chose you –Roses by James Arthur ft. Emeli Sande

Back to School

School will be starting in 3 days time and I did not enjoy my holiday at all. Things have been happening to me lately and I don’t know the cause of it. I’ve been feeling empty these past few days, I’m not eating properly, sometimes I starve myself. Let me share how my holiday has been:

I only did one thing other than going to school for training, I watch YouTube videos on my computer and ate unhealthy food or don’t even eat at all. This routine repeats itself continuously when I’m not in the house. Now let me share to you what I should’ve done instead or what YOU could do during your holiday:

  • You could spend more time with your family. Retrieve those times that you couldn’t give to your family because of school or other reasons by spending your holiday with them!
  • Do your homework or study for upcoming exams for the next semester. Do some early revision.
  • Find a new hobby. Find something productive to do and do not be like me; being lazy all day.
  • Go out with your friends. Watch a movie, organize a study group or invite them over to your house.

I was stupid enough to waste this 1 month by doing nothing productive. Well, I guess I deserve this. Can’t wait to go back to school again woo! *sarcastic voice. Pray for me guys, hope I pass through the second semester 🙂

thank God it’s Friday! God Bless!

Introducing Me

Hey! I’m new to this blog thing. I’ll try my best to be interesting to you guys. Let me share some things about me to you!

Catherine Gangcuangco

I’m an amateur photographer. I love to take photos of beautiful views and beautiful people. My type of movies and songs are old; movies like A Walk to Remember and songs like End of the Road‘ by Boyz II Men, but I like new songs too. I like to write and draw. I actually have a book and inside it are my thoughts, my feelings or if I had a bad day I would write it down inside. Sometimes I also write songs inside. I play guitar;I followed my dad’s footsteps.

I am a fun and a laid back person. I like to have fun, I hate doing my homework but I still do it because I don’t wanna get in trouble. Speaking of trouble, I am a troublemaker myself. I know I know earlier I said ‘I don’t wanna get in trouble’ that’s true I don’t, but in the end, I still get into trouble. The worst part is, I get people in trouble too and I hate it. I don’t want people facing the consequences because of something I did. Well, that’s all I could think of, but I guess for you to know me better emotionally, mentally and physically is to visit my blog often.



I made this blog for me to share my interest in photography and post the photos that I took myself and I am proud of the photos that I take. I did not only made this blog for photography purpose, I made this blog to share my thoughts and feelings. I want to share my blessings to people. It’s always good to share your blessings to other people, right? Yes. I want to share the good things (and bad) that happens to me or whatever life throws at me. I think this is more of a diary than a blog for me, I guess haha. Whatever this is a blog or a diary, this is my way to share.

  happy Wednesday everyone!


Dear Best Friend,

Before anything else, I just want to thank you.. for everything. For every smile, for every laugh and everything else;mostly for being a great friend to me. I didn’t think our friendship would end this way.

I have always thought you were that cool guy in school. You’re that person that I looked up to in school. I guess our friendship started when we were both selected to be a school leader. That’s where it all started. It’s funny how we were so close, and then the next day it’s like we didn’t know each other. I loved you like you were my brother. What happened bro? Or should I even call you that.

I was devastated when we parted. I cried at night for days.. without anyone knowing. Sometimes I just get crazy and talk to myself. I blamed myself for losing you. Well, now I know. It was never my fault, it’s yours.

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